2018 Application Dates / Fees
BULL ELK HUNT . . . . . $6,000
Bull elk 5 day lodging and meals included
October 15 - November 20 (Bull tag)

  We hunt elk in the Laramie Range near the Medicine Bow National Forest. All of our hunts are on private ground. This Area 7 is getting to be a well known area for taking Big bulls. We start hunting Oct 15 and have the opportunity to hunt through Jan 31. A Type 1 Bull tag runs from Oct 15-Nov 20. All cow elk hunts will be ran Dec. 1st- Dec. 31st. These hunts are all a spot and stalk by using an ATV and 4 wheel drive vehicle. You can expect to see mature 5-6 point bulls scoring from 300-400+. These hunts are 1:1 or 2:1 hunters to guides unless other arrangements are made.

MULE DEER HUNTS . . . . . $3,800
5 days lodging and meals included
  As most hunters already know, coming out west to hunt mule deer is getting to be more popular every year. Our mule deer hunts are all done on private land in Eastern Wyoming. These hunts are all spot and stalk. Situations range from rolling hills covered in buck brush to sneaking through pine trees in the high country. We will be huntng for deer
scoring anywhere from 130-180 in. Our hunts are run by 1 guide per hunter or 1 guide per
2 hunters depending on arrangements. Four wheel drive vehicles, horses and ATVs will be used for transportation during the hunt with lots of foot work. This hunt can be as easy as the first hour on your hunt to the last 10 minutes on the last day. Come experience out west on a trophy mule deer hunt.

4 days/5 nights lodging and meals included
Our White Tail deer hunts take place in Western Nebraska during the rut. Nebraska has a 9 day season from Nov 14-22 to hunt the rut with a rifle.  Archery season runs from Sept 15-Nov 15, and muzzle loaders can hunt the entire month of Dec.  On average we see 130 class deer, but in the past we have even taken a 165 class deer. These hunts can be everything from spot and stalk to sitting in a tree stand. You will be transported with 4 wheel drive vehicles and/or ATVs depending on the weather.

ANTELOPE HUNTS . . . . . $2,000
Antelope hunting is the most popular hunt there is in Wyoming with the Antelope population exceeding the human population in Wyoming. We hunt Antelope in Northern Wyoming to South Eastern Wyoming. We have a 100% draw rate on our Antelope hunts. These hunts are a 3 day hunt with the ability to buy additional doe/fawn tags over the
counter for an additional $100 plus license fee. Four wheel drive vehicles will be use for
transportation with minimal footwork. This hunt takes place in rolling draws filled with sagebrush, cactus, jack rabbits and rattlesnakes, to open flat country where the buffalo roam. We will be hunting for antelope that score in the upper 70’s to low 80’s. The average antelope is going to measure around 13 ½ in with larger bucks taken. These hunts are a 1:1 or 2:1 depending on arrangements.

ELK/DEER . . . . . . . . . $8,500
ELK/ANTELOPE . . . . . $7,000
DEER/ANTELOPE . . . . $4,500


January 1 - 31.
Results via web on February 23

Mule Deer
January 1 - May 31.
Results via web June 21

January 1 - May 31.
Results via web June 21

  Elk - Regular tag $591.00
Special Permit $1,071.00
Antelope - $286.00
Special Permit $512.00
Deer - $326.00
Special Permit $552.00
Mountain Lion - tags are available
for over-the-counter purchase
Mortality based quota - $362.00
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Outfitting License - BG141

All Wyoming Licenses must
have a conservation stamp prior to going afield.

All hunters are required to have hunters safety.


Couldn't ask for a better Guide service!!! ! Great bunch of guys!
- - - Matt McKinney

Great time. Would recommend to any outdoorsman!
- - - Dave Goodin


Although here at
High Pine Outfitters we do
everything we can to ensure our hunters success, but we can not guarantee any hunts that we offer, and mother nature is still ultimately in charge. We do guarantee that you will have a great time
with good friends.